Friday, January 1, 2021

Prosperity Hens from India

In India, hens are a traditional symbol of prosperity and good luck for centuries. They are often given as gifts at celebrations to encourage success and good fortune. Hence, strands of handmade fabric hens, aptly named "Prosperity Hens", are believed to bring prosperity, abundance and good luck when hung in a doorway or window.


The strands of are made of colorful stylized hens that are sewn from cotton scrap fabric and stuffed. The hens are then strung with beads, sequins and usually one bell at the end. 


The number of hens on a strand can vary. 

The may consist of one to over forty but the most often range from ten to thirty.


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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Peruvian Retablos

Retablos are a sophisticated Peruvian folk art. The term "Retablo" is derived from the Latin retro tabula, which means behind the (altar) table, referred to as "Santero Boxes" in Europe, where they originated. The art form was brought to Peru by Spanish in the 16th century. They were used by Spanish evangelists and priests to teach bible stories and convert the indigenous people to catholicism.

The portable altars depict scenes from the Catholic faith including the nativity, Adam and Eve and more. Peruvian retablos continue the religious and devotional scenes but also have evolved to include scenes that are important to the indigenous people of the highlands of Peru. These scenes from daily life, markets, shops, harvests, weddings, social, political and traditional events. They are made using simple tools, potato starch mix plater and wooden doors and are filled with brightly colored figures arranged into intricate narrative scenes. The boxes, made of wood, commonly have doors, a peak are painted with flowers, leaves and decorative designs.

Skeleton Love "Amor " Couple RetabloSkeleton Mermaid Couple Retablo
I Love You "Te Quiero" Mini Retablo

The is a B&B in Cuzco called “El Retablo” embraces and honors the artistry of the retablo. As well as their amazing retablos that fill the walls and B&B, all interior spaces are hand-painted in the style of retablo painting. The rooms, interior and exterior walls are all painted by artisans from the Fine Arts School of Cuzco.

The craft and tradition of retablo making are passed down from one family member to another. They are primary made in the in Ayacucho, Peru. 
Ayacucho is also home to the prominent family, Jimenez, that is all known
for their exceptional reatblos. Figures are now being made that have leaped from the confinement of the box and stand or hang alone.


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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Native T with The Unity Campaign

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Monday, February 3, 2020

Zulu Pottery

Traditional Zulu pottery is a favorite at Native. We have had the the honor host some of the best Zulu potters have exhibit, demonstrate and teach at Native: Jabu Nala, Ncamisile Nala, Thembi Nala, and Clive Sithole. These artists have been at Native many times and also have taught workshops at Native. We hope to have additional workshop in the future. The photos below are of of Thembi Nala, Jabu Nala and Clive Sithole working on clay pottery at Native.
View additional Zulu hand coiled pottery at Native.

Large Ukhamba Pot by Jabu Nala
Brewing beer has a long tradition with the Zulu people of South Africa. The beverage is traditionally prepared by women with specific types of clay pottery.  Traditional Zulu beer pots are called "ukhamba" and are made of clay using the hand coiling method with no wheel. These pots are made for brewing and serving a sorgham-based beer. The drinking and serving of this beer involves a ritual that remembers and honor their ancestors. Read more about the traditions of ukhamba and the beer ceremony in
Zulu Beer Vessels: In the Twentieth Century by Frank Jolles

Zulu Nguni Bull by Jabu Nala

The Zulu name Nguni cow is inala, or ‘abundance’. The Nguni cattle are indigenous of South Africa and have spiritual importance in the Zulu culture.

Abundant Herds: A Celebration of the Nguni Cattle of the Zulu People by Marguerite Poland and David Hammond-Tooke and illustrated by Leigh Voigt

Traditional Zulu pottery is hand built of coils. Designs are applied by incised and/or raised patterns. The common patterns are braids, zigzags, triangles, raised dots and linear designs. After the drying, the pots are hand polished with smooth stones, no glazes are used  The pots are then fired in an open pit. The resulting colors range from terracotta, terracotta with fires clouds (black spots) or completely black. Additional polishing after the firing is down on black pots with a wax black shoe polish. Read more about Zulu pottery
and the Nala family in Zulu Pottery by Elizabeth Perrill

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Monday, November 11, 2019

Stones, Gems, Cystals & Folklore

This information has been distilled and simplified from writings, books, and folklore.

Amber - memory loss, purify the body, alleviate headaches, bones, heart problems, calming, good luck,happiness
Agate - one of the oldest stones in recorded history, protection & ...
  • Blue - perceptiveness, calms, awareness, clears the mind, enhances spiritual inspiration, eliminates negativity& anger
  • Crazy Lace - “Laughter Stone"
  • Dendrite - plenty, balances emotions
  • Eye - protection from the evil eye
  • Fire - increases sexual vitality, calming
  • Moss “Power Stone” - let go of anger, balance emotions
  • Snakeskin - powerful, find lost things
  • Tree - cleanses, balances, self-esteem, clarity, awakens inner talents & abilities
Amazonite “Hope Stone” - healer, balance, preventive & rejuvenating energy, eliminates aggravation, enhances love communication, lucky for hopes & dreams
Amber (Copal) - powerful , gentle healer cleanser, 0negative energy, physical self-healing, emotional healing ofdepression, and environmental clearing, opens & cleanses Chakras
Amethyst “Stone of Change”- insomnia, arthritis, pain relief, circulatory issues, peace, sobrity, balance, courage,protection & enlightenment
Ametrine “Power Stone” - connect with higher self, open mind to new ideas
Angelite - increases telepathy, peace, brotherhood
Apatite “Healing Stone” - high level of spiritual guidance, opens Throat Chakra for increased communication,diverse
Aqua Aura - stimulates Throat Chakra, express emotions in a positive way
Aquamarine - aids the liver, throat, stomach, jaw, teeth, eyes, ears, fear, calms nerves, brings mental clarity
Aragonite - stabilizing stone, ground energy, connection with the earth
Arfvedsonite “Dream Stone”- powerful intuition
Astrophyllite “Power Stone” - access inner knowledge deep within oneself
Atlantasite - environment cleanser
Aventurine - powerful general healer, balances the intellect, emotions, physical being, quells anxiety, decisionmaking, shields outside energy drain
Axinite “Truth Stone”- reveal inner truth, avoid power struggles & conflict
Azurite - strong transformation power, intensifies energy
Bloodstone - remove energy blocksBronzite“Protection Stone”- grounds & balances, self confidence, courtesy

Cacoxenite - connection to the divine

  • Blue - healer, calm, improve memory
  • Clear - powerful amplifier, energy cleanser
  • Green Draw - money, prosperity
  • Mangano -gentle forgiveness, love
  • Optical (Iceland Spar) - clear chakras
  • Orange - creativity, sexuality
Carnelian - stimulates love energy & joy clears negative energy, allowing light transformation, stabilize energy in home, awakens talents & creativity
Celestite (Celestine)- peace, help connect angelic realm, clairvoyant communication, dream recall, purity ofheart, good fortune
Chalcedony (blue) - nurturier, brotherhood, goodwill
Chalcopyrite - perceptive abilities

Charoite - soul stone, grounds spiritual self, opens & balances Crown Chakra, courage
Chrysanthemum - luck, love, abundance, find true purpose & courage to pursue it
Chrysocolla - balance, harmony, relation- ships, self-improvement, eases emotions, vitality, endurance,mediation, visualization, reflective insights
Citrine - increased hearing, success, clear thinking,balances, energizes, dissipates negative energy, personalpower, emotional awareness, creativity, optimism, abundance
Copper “Healing Metal”- visualization, understanding mysticism, depression,
Corundum - insight to the unknown, enhances intuitiveawareness,ambition, confidence, subdues emotions,release anger positivly, emotonal peace
Covellite “Vision Stone”- connect physical reality with higher realms
Crystal - tranquility, patience, perseverance
Dioptase - powerful heart stone
Dolomite - balances, stabilizes, healing
Dumortierite - learning ability, enhances psychic vision
Elestial (orange)- higher levels of consciousness, enhanced energy, attune to the angelic realm, mediation stone
Emerald - love, stone of the goddess Venus

Epidote - increases ability to attract anything you desire
Eudialyte - life force and love force
Fluorite "Genius Stone" - find truth, eases change, stabilizes energy, order to chaos, relationships, increases concentration, decision-making
Fossil - growth, the achievement of goals, openness to novel & innovative opportunities, increase business accomplishments
Fuchsite - inspiration, problem solving, intuition, links the intellect with the heart
Garnet “Stone of Health” - aids blood, energizes, revitalizes and balances energy, inspires love & devotion, clears negative energy & enhances personal power for success, successful business (3 stones in desk)
Gabbro -promote"dominion", relieve violence in temper and expression, connection to the Higher Self, hotflashes, cellular swelling and infections, disorders of the immune system, bruising, and sprains; providepurification within the body, to alleviate the effects of fevers, balance the alkalinity of the body; due to themagnetite content, it may be attracted to a magnet
Goldstone - energy, vitality
Hematite - blood stone, memory, concentration, focus, negativity, peace, inner happiness, attract love
Hemimorphite - empathy stone, improves relationships, telepathic booster
Herkimer Diamond - connect the astral plane with the earth plan
Howlite “Tranquility Stone” - enhances emotional expression, eliminates stress, rage & rudeness, encouraes ambition, eliminates hesitation, memory of past lives
Hypersthene “Self Esteem Stone” - assists in overcoming shyness
Iolite “Journey & Vision Stone” - a path to inner self, clears Third Eye Chakra
Infinite “Healing Stone”- provides a nurturing energy from the Base Chakra to the Heart Chakra
Jade “Fidelity Stone”- love, virtue, balances energies between self/partner, peace, harmony, soothes energy,wisdom for problem solving
Jadeite Magic Stone”- protection from the spiritual realm, group cohesiveness, understanding & actualization of purpose, grounding, accessing limitless resources
Jasper (all) Supreme Nurturer
” - free from limiting bonds, joy & light, balance, unite the energy of the physical with the spiritual toward the attainment of goals, boost energy, protection from negativity
  • Bird's Eye -sacred nature connectionFancy - gentleness , relaxation, serenity
  • Crocodile Jasper (Kambamba) -soothe the nerves and state of mind
  • Leopard Skin - enhances personal spiritual animal totemOcean(Sea,Orbicular) -powerfulstone lifts negativity
  • Picasso - aids transformations,
  • Picture “Global Awareness Stone” - proportion & harmony, protection from negativity, creative visualization, spiritual affinity between humanity & nature, business pursuits, grounding Polychrome - balancing, stability,
  • Rainbow - ease emotional stress, relax
  • Red - rectify unfair situations, remember previous leanings & to take responsibility, remember dreams, protection from night hazards, very lucky for actors
  • Shell - balance, grounding, protection
  • Tiger - protection, stability, grounding
  • Yellow - channels positive energy, protection during travel
  • Zebra - compassion, understanding, fully appreciate blessings
Jet - protects, purifies, neutralizes negative energy, used in magic to channel earth elements
Kunzit - good fortune, strong relaxation
Kyanite - strong energy conduit, tranquility or meditation stone
Labradorite - protects & clear aura, understand chosen destiny, protect, free from energy leaks, originality,reveals truth behind illusions, strengthen intuition & psychic abilities
Lapis “Protection & Enlightenment Stone" - insomnia, depression, truthfulness, creativity, spiritual growth,intuitive perception, supports clarity, organize activities, serenity, acceptance, dreams, one of the most powerful stones
Larimar Dolphin/Atlantis Stone” - awakens feminine power, soothes the emotions, powerful healing stone
Leopardite - acceptanceLepidolite “Peace Stone” - restful sleep, good luck, reconcile love
Lodalite - transformation on many levels, a journeying crystal
Malachite Stone of Transformation”- assists with setbacks, challenges, release negative emotions, intuit answers, loyalty in love, friendships & partnerships, success in business, reunite with lover after a quarrel
Merliinite “Stone of Magic”- storm element , communicate with spirits, learn magic, develop past life recall
Moldavite - ancient meteorite, accelerate one's spiritual path
Mookaite - strength, assists decision making
Moonstone “Stone of Changes & Wishes” - clear obstacles, wellbeing, awareness of body rhythms, balancebody's natural energy
Moqui Ball “Shaman Stone” harmony, balance, vibrational healing
Obsidian - block negativity

  • Apache Tear - depression, stone of soft hearted and gentle people
  • Gold Sheen - clear negative energies, purifying one's auric field
  • Mahogany - grounds, protects, gives new life to goals and purposes
  • Rainbow - meditation, dissolve shock, fear or barriers.
  • Snowflake - draws hidden imbalances to surface& releases them
Onyx - spiritual inspiration, control over emotions, Root Chakra
  • Black - protection,invisibility,releasie negative emotions
  • Black - lead one into a higher spiritual experience, use to balance all Chakras
  • Blue - soothe erratic emotions,enhance personal courage
  • Fire - stimulates enthusiasm, attracts money or customers to your business
  • Girasol - energy , visualization, imagination, lucid dreaming, and channeling, communication skills, creativity, joy, happiness
  • Pink - heal emotions, Heart Chakra
  • White - emotional clearing stone, balances all Chakras
  • Yellow - amplifies positive emotions, balances Crown Chakra
Opalite - man made stone, stabilizes mood swings
Pearl - calms, purity, charity, integrity, truth, loyalty in its wearer
Peridot “Stone of Rebirth & Renewal”- peace, happiness, success, good luck, nightmares, slows aging, prosperity, heal damaged relationships, comfort, vitality, stone of lightness & beauty, lessen anger & jealousy
Petalite - vision stone, uplifts, calms

Petrified Wood - removes obstacles
Phenacite - activates third eye, inner vision, powerful prosperity stone
Pietersite “Stone of Vision” - keys to the kingdom of heaven
Prasiolite - spiritual ideals in every day lifePrehnite - unconditional love, divine energies
Pyrite - powerful energy shield to block negativity
Quantum Quattro Silica - rare, aligns all the Chakras
Quartz - empowers, protects, amplifys, regulates, stores & focuses energy, facilitates growth & awareness,alleviates anger, opens the spirit for meditation & spiritual development

  • Blue - calm, tranquility
  • Fire (Hemathoid) - amplification properties of Quartz with the balance and stability of Hematite
  • Girasol - calm, relaxed, hopeful, optimistic
  • Lemon - prosperity, creativityLithium -brings harmony to relationships, awakens higher self
  • Rose “Love Stone” - soothes, comforts & reassures, bringing about deep inner healing, removes negativity, attracts energy of love to help relationships
  • Rutilated -illuminator of the soul
  • Smoky "Stone of Endurance”- extra boost, carry a smokey quartz
  • Strawberry - deep loving stone to balance & nurture one's intentions
  • Tourmalated - super lucky, luck is so strong best kept in a safe place,rubb when powerful luck is needed
Rhodonite “Stone of Love” - care for humanity, spiritual wellbeing, order to chaos, supportive emotionally,balances and eases anxiety through clear vision, vibrates with love, hold for relaxation & well-being
Rhodochrosite -stimulates warm feelings of love & compassion
Ruby - aids emotions, increase integrity, devotion, and happiness, some believe the most powerful stone in theuniverse
Sapphire “Stone of Destiny”- creative expression, inner peace, meditation, alleviation of pain, financial reward,mental clarity, heightened perception
Sardonyx - strength, protection, stability to marriage & partnerships
Scolecite “Serenity Stone” - enhances lucid dreams, connects lovers
Selenite - angelic guidance, protected safe environment
Septarian “Healing Stone” - health, well being, calming, joy, spiritual uplifting
Serpentine - protects against poisonous elements, meditation
Seraphinite - high vibration regeneration healing, angelic connections
Shiva Lingam - sacred stepping stone to enlightenment
Shungite - protection from radiation, healing, rejuvenation
Sodalite - unites logic & intuition, enhances mediation & inner wisdom, group work, calms the mind, eliminates confusion, supports increased efficiency & organization, resolve issues with logic, brings inner peace, lucky for writers
Stibnite - transformation, great power, wealth
Stichtite - Kundalini stone, resurgenceStilbite - heart stone, expand self, strong love, joy vibrations

Sugilite - love, wisdom
Sulphur - contains an electrical charge that absorbs negativity of any kind
Sunstone - protection stone, increases power of personal attraction
Tangerine Aura “Creativity Stone” - boost confidence & creative energy
Tanzanite - activates several Chakras from the heart to the crown and is used to link mind with heart
Tektite - opens and clears the lower Chakras, expand psychic attainment
Tiger's Eye (cat's eye) - gain insight, concentrate, calms turmoil, eliminates the "blues" & encourages optimism & enthusiasm for life, stimulates wealth & enhances, wealth, good luck, protection
Topaz - balance emotions, healing, love, power energies, combine with tiger eye for wealth & money

  • Blue - attain clarity in communicate, manifest desires, lifts burdens & see vision of life as a whole, attracts abundance & love, relieves tension
  • Silver (clear, white) - purifies emotions & actions, clears stagnant energy
  • Black (schorl) - rub for luck & happiness, when rubbed becomes charged with magnetic electricity & luck intensifies
  • Brown (Dravite) - self acceptance, grounding connection to earth
  • Green - draws money, revitalizes joy
  • Pink - ultimate heart Chakra crystal, ability to surrender to love
  • Watermelon- love magnet, powerful healer
Turquoise "Anti-Negativity Stone" - heal, balance, protect, self-realization, creative problem solving, strengthens body & energy field, attracts love, peace, symbol of friendship
Ulexite “Stone of Clairvoyance”- imagination, creativity
Unakite - being in the present, release of limiting blocks & conditions to personal growth, balances emotions,strengthens spiritual connection, lift your spirits, see beauty in life, uncover deception
Variscite - stabilizes love, power, balance many aspects life
Vesuvianite - energetic, aligns will with the heart, brings wholeness and integrity
Zoisite - individuality, creativity, uniqueness, connectedness with humanity, healer, energizer of the life force,dispel laziness & idleness, health

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Tuareg Cross Symbols

There are 21 Tuareg Crosses, each of which represents a Tuareg village or a region in Niger, Africa. They are not Christian or religious. The word "cross" is a term attributed by Europeans and is totally unrelated to the Tuareg spoken language, Tamahaq and written language, Tifinagh. They are made by Tuareg Inadan (blacksmiths).

Agadez is a market town in Niger, sub-sahara Africa. The Cross of Agadez is named after this village and is the most famous among the 21 symbols of the Tuareg. It is the archetype and the first of all the Tuareg Crosses. Some traditions say that it is give by the father to his sons when they are traveling or leaving home. They are worn for good luck and protection. There are many theories of where and when the Agadez cross began, as well as it's meaning. Chapter 9 in  "The Art of Being Tuareg, Sahara Nomads in a World"  While the cross of Agadez is the archetype of all the Tuareg crosses, the crosses of Iferwane, Ingal, Tahoua and Zinder are also considered authentic and original. All of the other crosses are derived and modified from these five. 

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